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Ah, Britain, Britain, Britain. I moan about you all the time, but I love you really. 





A little trip to…Norwich. Basically, I could live here in an instant.

Home of the Underground

London – it’s noisy, arrogant, brash, civilised, trendy, hipster, expensive, great value, infuriating, fantastic. I love it part 1,              part 2 and part 3.




A little trip to…Liverpool. Merry-making in Merseyside!




A little trip to…Birmingham. It’s my sort-of home city and much like Winston Smith in 1984, I’ve finally learnt to love it.




A little trip to…Brighton – Sealife, fish n’ chips, amazing pizza, lovely sunshine. I’m developing a bit of a crush on you.




Cardiff – I’ve been twice and haven’t explored nearly enough which means I have to go again…hardly a tragedy! Go for the bay, stay for the day! Ah, I should have got into marketing.




Quick day-trip to Rye, Lydd-on-sea and the weirdness that is Dungeness nature reserve. A great day for photos and trying to work out what the teeny railway that went into the sea was.




Norfolk for an Autumn bank holiday weekend. A spectacular patch of land, with a great beach, great food, Seals. Can’t go wrong in Holkham or Wells-next-the-sea. Ahh.

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