We’re making plans for…Santigold (and a good leader deficit)

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As Putin declares himself to be the winner of Russia, the world may like to remind him he’s an enabler of the murder taking place in Syria and that his idea of democracy is pretty disgusting. In Britain, at least Cameron and his lot are pretending to care about the best way to destroy the NHS, to evicerate the poor and make life progressively worse (it’s their idea of being progressive). They debate their evil plans and put on phoney listening exercises. Putin just dictates and I cannot wait until he falls from grace.

But where was an opposition that was worth believing in? His main opposition was communist…give me a break!

Similarly in London, there’s Ken Livingston working flat out to make a fool of himself – his tax-dodging and high-spending nonsense makes me feel uneasy. He has misjudged the mood of the people if he thinks promising people gold works – people know money’s tight and that Boris resembles a Polar bear on roller skates…but Ken’s got it all wonky in my eyes. And then there’s the other guy.He’s so low key he’d need to petrol bomb a Spar to get attention.

In France, blah blah blah. In Syria, the referendum that never was while the world squabbles about what comments they are able to write on a letter to the government. Brilliant!

In the U.S, Obama fights against a bunch of religious fundamentalists – Santorum is anti-gay and believes that privacy doesn’t extend to the bedroom and he’d put back Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell back in the military. He’s all for a stupid fence between America and Mexico, he wants to “drill everywhere” for oil and thinks condoms are bad and that abortions can only exist if the mother’s life is in danger. In short – he’s a complete fool and he disgusts me. I have literally felt queasy hearing what the Republican party thinks is acceptable to say in public and to campaign for. Newt Gingrich is just an abomination, I don’t even want to consider him. I despair at the leaders the world is offering. There’s a distinct lack of humanity and decency happening.

I get criticised for saying I like what Ed Miliband says because he’s isn’t what people expect a leader to be. If having principles and actually sticking by them is bad (he may become like the others and disappoint us), then perhaps I need to move to a quiet place and rage alone.

But if you read this far, you may notice that something’s got my goat. It’s true. I need to vent and if someone disagrees with what I’ve said, let me know and explain to me how America can lay claim to be free if people bicker over contraception and basic human rights. Or why the church in Britain is so very against same-sex couples deciding they want to be devoted to each other. Tradition is lovely…unless it leads to discrimination.

Santigold dun gone released a new single though, so there’s something good! And BBC4 has Dirk Gently back on this evening. It’s not all bad, back to your telly, people!

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2 thoughts on “We’re making plans for…Santigold (and a good leader deficit)

  1. It seems a little bit like the world of politics is stagnant, in fact – the only way it’s moving is retrogressivey with all of these right-wing lobbyists, proto military/industrialists and anti-this/that and the other clamouring to gain popularity on the back of fear/hate campaigns. Shocking, in this the 21st century.

    I can’t help seeing a school playground whenever I look at Westminster, with such plain status in class apparent, and such divisions in policy. It’s obvious we need new directions, akin to something radical as Marxism. Certainly not Marxism, but the impact of this one man’s ideas showed there were different alternatives. Now, unfortunately, there are too many voices saying much the same things and only those bankrolled to the nines get heard – and only in electoral circles. I wish the EU would be brave enough to confront the fact that our systems and institutions fail us, that manipulating peoples’ work and leisure for increased trade and business ultimately degrades the poor and the environment, and that continued economic growth, set largely against empty forecasts and borrowing, is mythical.

    We need an entirely new vision, something that unites and eliminates self gain and removes the intrusion of petty principles from a truly libertarian world.

    Putin, shedding tears at being voted in again: a pitiful pyrrhic victory.

  2. I’ve read a few more things that have annoyed me today. The republican’s pledges for the US all seem, like you say, anti-something, retrogressive and punitive to those who aren’t rich.


    And Putin’s brave new Russia has got the ball rolling on the homophobic bill that defies sense. As I said, there’s a lack of decency towards humans that seems to be becoming more apparent.


    This video was drowned out by negative comments – but it seems nice ones have since appeared…still…sad that people are so consumed by hatred that they must shout from the rooftops about it. And the Church…is making sure a letter is read out to congregations in 2500 churches this weekend about why gay marriage is so terrible.


    There’s a real growing fear about homophobia at the mo, but also immigrants. It’s just all very sad!

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