All about ME!!

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I'm so hot right now

I’m so hot right now

Hello fans accidental visitor! Welcome to wobblelikejelly, the premier destination for whatever it is I wrote. The name came about when I was 18, and the wayback machine has stored it all! There are pages from 10 years back, where I accept I sound like a child but being 19, I wasn’t far off being one. To be fair, Birmingham had no decent cafes then, and Coffee Republic was good! How times change.

Anyway, existed from about 1999 until 2003, when I somehow found myself gaining popularity with my Comic Sans Appreciation Society. This ended up getting lots of hits and even weirder, a mention by the inventor of the font and the website appeared on a Channel 4 TV show which I was never told about! So just as that was happening, I went to university and let the site rot. As a 19 year old I wrote that I wanted to go and do a Literature degree at uni, which I did. Perhaps it’s no surprise the site died when I started my course. When I really want something to happen, it usually does and I put all my effort into my degree.

But I am still proud to have made this image of the Old Age Predator in 2004 which is nice and disturbing.

As uni progressed, my creative baubles dangled from a progressively withering tree and I focused on  a) drinking,            b) working and c) studying until deadlines and crying as words refused to leave my wizened fingers. It is of no surprise to anyone that upon leaving uni in 2006, I managed to put my three years of education to good use to get a job in a council call centre where I managed to be both hateful and be hated to council tenants who didn’t like paying rent. The job was tedious beyond compare but the people were really lovely and drank a lot of tea…my kind of people.

So, I drank tea and decided to go and train as a teacher, which I did in 2007, and moved to delightful Devon where my creative endeavours continued to exist solely in teachy stuff and drawing cocks and tits in lectures. I did lots of work, slept little and then got made redundant and moved to the Chilterns in 2009, a delightful part of the world. I taught there for 2 years before choosing redundancy so I could go and get an MA from the Institute of Education. That course is the reason for a renewed interest in writing.

I’m slowly putting my ambitions of my 30’s together, at the moment it’s all travel-related and the big one is to go to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and hang out around the volcanoes. Maybe I will go and live in Sweden.

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    • Thank you ever so! I cannot believe how much you’ve written for your blog so far! I am just about to write my first entry…but feel sleepy. Uh oh.

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