Faded seaside glamour

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There’s something special about going to a seaside town in England. Perhaps it’s the slow decay visible everywhere, or the pier smouldering gently in the background as yet another one gets burnt to the ground. Maybe it’s the wonderful variety of Fish ‘n’ Chip shops, or the seagulls/drunks threatening to steal your food at any second.

For me, I enjoy the architecture, the colours and a chance to find some delightfully outdated signage and snap away. I got lots of funny looks as I took pictures in Weston. They had no idea how excited I was to see a staircase that reminded me of the work of Le Courbusier!

Amazing staircase

The shopping centre still has the Christmas decorations up, but they’ve cunningly disguised them as Christmas lights, turned off.


I love shops like these! Who buys this stuff? Will I go to places like this in the future? A prospect that I don’t care to think about.That sign is beautiful. I really mean it.

Signage of dreams

It is always sad to see an attractive building in the middle of the town rust away. There must be a use for this building! I’ll have it.

"Grand central"

Genuinely yummy Fish and Chips!


Please don’t think I’m hating Weston…I wouldn’t want to live there at all but parts of the town retain a genuine charm, looking out across the mud and Bristol Channel. I love how massive the seafront is, at some points it’s hard to see the sea at all! Seeing the mists caused by hitting land is pretty cool as well.

Wonderful view


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