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Travelling is a real passion of mine and I definitely have the whole wanderlust thing going on. This all makes sense as my Dad was in the Army, and just as we got settled somewhere, we’d up sticks (and sofas, kettles, blankets etc) and move somewhere else. So at school I was the new boy until the next new boy turned up and I never really learned to understand how people can stay in the same place for a long time.

I can’t see the logic in, for example, being born in London and living in London for a whole life. I’ve seen the mentality of people that live in cities; “what is zone 9!!!”, and the classic “I don’t go anywhere provincial” as if London is the answer to all civilisation. I’ve been on night buses. That’s not civilisation. Anyway. Have a list of links of travel writing I’ve done!

A NORWEGIAN SUMMER HOLIDAY PART 1 – The first part of my brilliant holiday to Norway to see some of the most astounding views I can imagine.

SCANDINORDICA – My obsession with the Nordic countries shows no signs of going away anytime soon, so check out my photos and thoughts on seven excellent holidays!

BERLIN – Berlin through my Zenit Soviet camera looks great. But Berlin always looks great. 

HELSINKI – Quick festive trip to one of my favourite cities.

SYRIA – Syria in 2011 was my most memorable holiday ever, in part for the wrong reasons. Since I wrote this, many of the majestic sights I saw no longer exist. Bittersweet.

LONDON – In 2012 it was temporarily the centre of the universe. I LOVE LONDON PT 1 – I moved to London in 2012 and fell in love with it anew.

HAVANA – Socialism in a cocktail glass; VINALES – Cuba part 2. Out in the beautiful country; LAS TERRAZAS – An eco-lodge in the middle of sensational country. HAVANA AGAIN – we weren’t supposed to be there again, but that Cuba for you.

WESTON-SUPER-MARE – A photoblog of my delightful trip to the seaside!

PHOTOS OF MY TRAVELS 2011 – Best year of my life for travelling.

NORWAY – The Bergen Line will change your life

COPENHAGEN – Scandi chic

MARSEILLE – Oh, how I love it

BERLIN – Bit of an obsession with the socialist thang

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