Post-apocalyptic beach adventure!

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Being of sound body and mind, I found it desirable to visit Dungeness nature reserve on a hazy spring day. The journey there was a testament as to why people drive cars! I got a tube to St Pancras, a Javelin train (so smooth! so quick!) to Ashford, where I was born, and then a slow train to Rye. This was followed by a lovely lunch and cheeky half pint at The Ship Inn before a bus to Lydd, followed by another bus to Lydd-on-sea.

From here, we were able to head to the enormous and frankly, weird, beach which headed down to the sweet humming symphony of Dungeness Nuclear Power station! Enjoy the pics!!

Rye – gorgeous

What Rye could boast in the timeless beauty of Britain in Spring, Lydd-on-sea and the nature reserve gave back in bleakness and intrigue.

Lots and lots of abandoned stuff on the beach as far as the eye can see

The old justapositionaroony trick

Any idea what these tiny mini rails are for? Did they carry boats?

This reminds of the second album by the Longpigs. What a brilliant caravan!

Ahhh, lighthouse family!

This article in the Guardian inspired me to visit Dungeness in the first place!

3 thoughts on “Post-apocalyptic beach adventure!

  1. I also read that article in the Guardian , and had totally forgotten about Dungeness, many childhood summers were spent trawling round a) the lighthouse b) the RSPB reserve, c) miles of shingle and deserted railway carriages d) Derek Jarmans one, and e) the ship – its all coming back. Its bleak but sort of beautiful as well.

    • Hey!

      My friend and I were making up Suede songs when there – they made really bleak pop tunes and they seem an appropriate act for Dungeness. It didn’t feel like England, aside from the remarkable amount of Union Jacks all over the place! I couldn’t live there, but it was a good trip all the same.

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